Thursday, April 28, 2011

White Balance

These are some test shots I took to show the difference between color temperture settings on a canon digital camera. White balance is important to get the right colors in an image.
The above was taken on the auto white balance setting on the camera.

This one was taken on Daylight settings and looks a little can see a little of the blue tones.

This was taken with a Flourescent setting and the blue shows much more. Flourescent is low on the Kelvin scale, the lower you get the cooler the image.

This was taken with the Tungsten setting, the lowest camera setting on the Kelvin scale (unless you input the white balance manually) at about 3200.
This was taken at the Shade setting which is about 7000 on the Kelvin scale. You can see the warmer look of this photo compared to the ones above.

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